Finding the right guys for the job

Choosing a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organization for your aircraft or APU is something that you don’t take lightly. With such a great investment in terms of time, effort and money, you want to make sure your equipment is in the right hands. We get that.

Want to know whether we have the certificates or capabilities you’re looking for?

What you may expect from us

Obviously, (flight) safety is your main driver and so it lies at the heart of everything we do. Read more about our Safety & Quality engine.

Besides safety, here’s a list of other things we offer that might interest you:

  • •   Superb quality of services.
  • •   Short and consistent repair and overhaul times.
  • •   Years of experience in the airline industry and AIR FRANCE KLM operations.
  • •   The benefits of working with an MRO that has strong ties with various OEMs.
  • •   Personal contact with a dedicated Customer Support Manager.
  • •   Constant improvement of processes based on the Lean Six Sigma approach.
  • •   We offer the possibility to lease APUs

See it for yourself!

Curious to see how we work? You’re always welcome to come visit us and see for yourself. We're proud of our state of the art repair shop and we’d love to show you around. Contact us to make an appointment.

Tom van Dam
(Shop Engineer)


'Compressed air...
The invisible energy behind EPCOR's success. '