At EPCOR our employees come first. Although the industry we are part of is complex and hands-on, it doesn’t mean that we lose track of the human side. Our daily business - maintenance, repair and overhaul of APUs and pneumatic components - requires workmanship, expertise and innovation. We provide top-flight service, which requires top-class staff. That is why we invest in the wellbeing, training and safety of all “EPCORians”. And that is why we can deliver maximum value to our customers. Our long-standing experience, brand-new tooling and equipment, in-house test cell facilities, together with our outstanding employees, allow us to deliver highly competitive services. At your service.

In addition to the worldwide AIR FRANCE KLM network, we nurture excellent relationships with major OEMs, allowing a unique combination of operator experience and access to manufacturer knowledge, bringing our customers an optimized cost of ownership.


  • Over >1,750 APU shop visits made since 2006
  • More than 40% of B777 worldwide APU repairs are performed by EPCOR
  • EPCOR is one of the 3 licensed shops of B787 APU repair

The APU types:

Air Cycle Machines (ACM)

Air Cycle Machines (ACM)
  • Repair capabilities 737NG, 747-400, 777 and Embraer 170/190 ACMs.
  • EPCOR has the special ACM main assembly fixture tooling for the 777; no alternative fixture is allowed.
  • Dedicated test stand for the 777 ACM.

Cabin Air Compressor (CAC)

Cabin Air Compressor (CAC)
  • 1st MRO of the world to do CAC repairs.
  • Official warranty station 787.
  • Flexible in repair process CAC modules, all types.
  • Repairs of all LRUs from module.
  • Flexibility: rebuilding configurations to deliver whatever is necessary.
  • Repairs to the core CAC (= inside of the module) as well.
  • Complete end test in-house.

Pneumatic components

Pneumatic components
    40 years of experience (at KLM and EPCOR) with various pneumatic work, including:
  • Air management system various airplane types
  • Valves
  • Controllers
  • ACM (see above)
  • CAC (see above)
  • Electro mechanical valves
  • Air starters


  • EPCOR knows how important it is to have a stable operating APU on wing. The system Prognos for APU allows EPCOR to predict maintenance and prevent unnecessary shop visits and delays. It is a high value solution for the APU maintenance market, designed and built by EPCOR. Prognos for APU helps airlines maintain maximum control over their APU assets, keeping them operating for as long as possible with minimal effort.
  • The system is based on big data, which allows the APU to be monitored. At each airport stopover, the data is sent to a central computer. Because of our extensive experience, we can inform you about your APU and even predict when certain parts will break down and at which levels. We perform the required maintenance well before this happens.



Prognos for APU is available for every EPCOR customer. How? Ask your own Customer Support Manager and he or she will inform you.

If you are not yet a customer of EPCOR but interested in Prognos for APU? Contact our sales department for more info. 




EPCOR has seven types of APUs, which are available for both short-term and long-term leasing. That means that our clients do not have to halt their operations when their APU is being repaired or in maintenance – they can continue flying with an EPCOR APU. In addition to our own APUs, we have cooperation agreements with our partners to ensure full availability of APUs for our clients. It also means that we have different types of APU on hand at different locations around the world.


  • EMBRAER 170/190 – APS2300
  • A320 family – GTCP 131-9A
  • A320 family – APS3200
  • A330 & A340 – GTCP 331-350
  • BOEING 737 – GTCP 131-9B
  • BOEING 777 – GTCP 331-500
  • BOEING 787 – APS5000